Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Collabration and the mind mapping 2!!!

Well ,first of all , I want to develop my spirit of teamwork.In China,students often do the work all by themselves,and all my supervisiors required that we should complete a subject by ourselves step by step,that includes concept design,illstrations,modelling,textrue,lighting,animation and other stuffs that you could even image in making animations,that is really huge engineer!even though I've already get used to it,but I think that if you could do everything just a little ,you could not get a job either,they need the professionals in a specific area, not every point 。So maybe it's the most significant thing that I should to focus on.

And secondly,the techniques.Softwares are the biggist chanllenge in the master course,I thought that softwares are only tools and I need not to learn it at all when I was a undergraduate student.But now i think that i should know more about the techniques to improve myself ,even they are just tools ,I should know how to use them!So I'll focus on the modelling and the texture,I have some telents in colors ,I really like to bring them to my 3D world.And the character modelling will be the most important part in this course.

Thirdly, concept art.I don't really want to give up my concept art, but as i cant focus on all the things I am intersted in.So I decide that maybe the character design will be the big point that I ll figure it out.As I really like the inflated characters ,just like the characters in the movie<Dispecable me>.Like CGI more than visual effects.

The most influenced artists:Tim Burton ,Craig Mullins,Dagang Chen,Guangjian Huang and the Dreamwork studio.

The methods:Visit relevant people in this area and inteview them,keep doing with my visual diary!

Aim:make a shrt film from 2min to 5min as my final project,and get a job as concept artist or modeller~

Let me fight for this!

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