Thursday, 6 December 2012

A research in seasons in environment design

This series of illustrations is from<Assasin creed3> (2012).They express the 4 different seasons .I'll list 2 elements of the difference .

1.Light and colors
From the spring one, the first pic ,the light is soft, it express the sunlight in spring,soft and most comes through the cloud ,let the audience feel this is the beginning of one year and it's the brand new story to tell. The tone of the colors in this image is tend to purple mainly,because purple is the color between tonal changes in temperature.

The second one is summer,what we can see from this one is the light turns to be very strong and dazzling,the effect is a little bit solarize , it use the yellow in the front of the image and blue in the behind mainly,audience could feel the Sharp contrast between the two kind of colors.

The third one use the representative color of autumn that is the golden yellow. Light is no longer exposure,the angle of the light is inclined,turns soft again.

The last one 's light is dark and grey,colours tend to blue and very weak, we could only see it from the clearances of trees.From this pic, the author used the physical reflection of snow mainly.


The author used the different shape and states of the trees and grasses to express the different seasons,and the leafs mainly.

My research powerpoint

I'll do further more research in the environment design through the whole semesters, to know how to create a typical scence to represent the film and let the audience to remember it .

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Some researches in the character and the enviornment design in Ikaros

At first, wejust prefer to use the real face of human,we all thought it would be simple,but after the meetings with JIN, we found that we were doing something that really traditional and nothing new,we need to find something symbolize and let audience could find the theme when they saw the character.That maybe one of the point in our final film,we need to find it.

So I discussed with Isabel,we all agreed to put a mask on the character's face,that will reduce a lot of actions of the actor (maybe we don't need he or she finally).After some research, I found that gas mask maybe the most suitable mask for it ,Beacause our film is about some stuffs after war ,everything is destryed and polluted,the gas mask could express the pain that human beings suffered after wars.

The story happens in the future ,to express the ruthless feeling,I suppose to use the metal .
 This reference is a little bit similar like what i've thought, we need the reflections on the glasses on the eyes to express what he saw instead of the real eyeballs, and very dusty .
The pic that I paint before,also used the gas mask as a main element.

The matirial and the effects that we want ,really need to design it special.

Some issues of nurbs

I did some research in nurbs when I was modeling ,I followed the tutorials sometimes but it didn't work in some modeling.


I need a lot of booleans in my model,but sometimes when i did this ,
that yellow warning appeared just like : //Warning: Operation has history, inputs are not deleted

but i've deleted all the history and also freeze the transiformation etc.

what am i doing wrong? I've got a feeling it's really simple! Maybe some mistakes of my models lead this issue?I really can't figure it out.

After I did some trim successfully,there comes problems!   I couldn't selet the object that i want to trim when i click the trim button  ,nothing happened, i confirmed that i 've tick the selection of face also, I 've asked some classmates but still couldn't solve it.

3.Circular fillet

I could use it somewhere ,but when i was unluck ,it went wrong , I hit this button and regulated the data to less than 1 ,but nothing happed ,or just fillet the surface inside, really strange,but I think this maybe the shapes of models related```

I 'll find more tutorials to solve these issues,otherwise , maybe ask some professinal persons for help.

Nurbs update!

Used 2 reference images to complete the modeling ,it was the first time that i used nurbs, it's quite convinient but a lot of issues appeared during the modeling

The rereference images  ,I 've modeled all of the things in the pic above and also the alarm clock below.

The final nubs with area lighting:

Well, the process was quite confusing but a lot of fun.