Thursday, 25 April 2013

Inspiration and colour scripts from

Got the rough colour scripts from the upside down trailer.

Cool colour zone is quite suitable for Ikaros,and some contrast between yellow and dark blue is useful , gonna to figure out the colour style and the location we gonna to destroy in Dundee soon, then I ll do some rough concept work for the final effects.

This week's plan for my projects


Friday:Finish the 1st edition of the outdoor view for the house,add props on it and get the feedback from other memebers on 2PM.

Monday:Finish the 2nd ed of the outdoor and begin to do some fence and rocks ,trees.

Wednesday:Finish the props
Friday:Modeling deadline

Friday:Finish the first ed of the mask and fix Jack's mistakes on his basic model

Lttern model updated

The wall lattern with candle inside, tried some candlesticks before inside, but the style looks not that suitable for the whole scene,so I just removed it.
Still gonna to update some details , today's plan is finish the 1st edition of the house's outview and add lattern in .