Thursday, 16 May 2013

Final house exterior model for "Roses&Dust"

Final exterior model , did the concept art for the house first, then modeled in maya. changed some shapes of the original design to make it match the interiors properly.UVing, will test the textrue next.

Final low poly mesh VS the final model sheet for ikaros

I was mainly focus on the head part and insidepart, also fixed some mistakes of the body model which modeled by jack and michael.Next step is export it to Zbrush and add details , decorate it. Will show the detailed model in the presentation on Monday

Inspiration and research in vfx movies

 I got the reference images from the Total Recall, which I think is the perfect reference movie for our "IKAROS"project. What we are looking for is the buildings and the objects Interspersed with different angles to confuse people.
 Also, steel stuff are the most important point in our project, i will take this as the reference for the matte painting.
 Destroyed and ruined buidings' feeling
 reference images for our final goal for comp team.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Monday, 13 May 2013

2nd edition for the head part for IKAROS

The 2nd edition of the mask , still modifying and adding some details for it with the developing of the body,need more edges for it.

Final house model

I added some fence around the house ,fixed several mistakes of the model wiring, modified the positions of lattern, also add an extra part of the house to match the two small window in the left with Alanna's interior model.
The fence i did used so many hard edges and poingts expresses the danger of the outdoor world which is a symbol of dangers emphsise the story that the girl has been kind of trapped in the house.