Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sketches of the house and a pic of the interior

The crazy house stuff. Just put it on the trees cos we don't need to show how the characters get in it.
Otherwise I hang the photos on the trees to make it crazier? And some furnitures as well.I'll develop it to make it more suitable for our story.
A reference pic for the interior.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Masks design and some thoughts of the story

3 different glasses style, I gave the middle one a big glassed so it could make a good reflection of the environment. A is the most fashionable one withe the future feeling, The"B" is the one I got inspiration from elephant without ears,and this is the only mask has pipe. The third one is the old fashion one , could remind people the WW2.

The suggestions from my teammembers are:
1.Our story is based on the after war world in the future, so the final design should based on the "A".
2. Pipe is the most difficult part in the nuke tracking, and it's also a problem in the animation part,so it's better give it up.
3. The respirator of "C" is the best one that we all agreed , so I gonna to combine A and C  to make the final one.

The point of our story is the upside down, We need to express this to audience clearly .We've also thought about the mask falling, it's really cool but it's not match our original purpose, we want to make people suprise with using the 180degree camera turning,but if it's just a mask, then it could floating in any way ,any direction.
We are now tring to figure out how can we not make the audience being bored without saying too much.I got a thought is that we can make the character still, but with other elements moving and floating around him, also, I was thinking to make him a mechanicalheart, let the beating of the heart instead of the moving of our character, so we will have a moving element in the movie that could make the film not that silence.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Some drafts for 'Rose &Dust'

 The first try:I quite like the exaggerated form I designed with the big window and the small door because the girl could only see from inside but never go outside, so  I did the door as the shape of a lock hole, and the big window in the 2nd floor.
 The window design: Still the lock hole shape
 House design 2:I developed the window this time and put a balcony around the second floor
The typical Scottish cotrtage: I got the inspiration from the film 'Brave',which the house of the witch,Only has one floor and very simple house built with the rocks, I put a big chimney on the top of it and the lock hole shape door.But I orgot an important point in this pic:the window. I 'll develop it later , maybe put the window on the other side of the house or change the chimney to a beautiful window which was Isabel suggested, that's worth to try.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

3 different environment designs of the Rose & Dust

The original design for the environment in the project"Rose and Dust" .Since we haven't decide the style of the film yet, I 've just used the original colors and lights .
After met with our supervisor, we all agreed to try to change the main colors to brown & blue in high contrast, So I correct the colors .
This scene looks still lack of some elements, I added some lights in it to make it looks in the night,and some pure colors have been used in this pic.

Some thoughts about ‘Lighthouse keeper’

The subject matter of the movie is kind of like a fairy tale. It let me make it related to my "Rose &Dust" project which is a short fairy tale for all of the ages. The most impressive point of this film is the simple enviornment with no complicated properties and background, the theme and the story has been told very clear even without these stuffs. In my opinion, what makes the film so beautiful is the lights. The lights are very symbolize and in high contrast.Even though I used to think that the warm colors is the symbol of hope,but this film has subvert the view ,when the ship was almost crushed, the insect shined and bring the man hope with the cool color, but still make the audience feel that is suitable. What I can bring to my project from this film is that maybe we don't need the complex background and properties ,just use the high quality of the frames ,the gorgeous lights and expression of the atmosphere, that is enough. I did 3 enviornment designs  with different lights and atomosphere,But there's some problems with the server of the blogger that I couldn't upload them, I 've only did one piece of the scene without the background ,let's see what we gonna to develop in the next step.Keen for it!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


World Builder   Actually, I like this video very much, I watched it once when I was an undergraduate student,I was just began to get in touch with 3D areas, I felt that everything was perfect in this short film.But after I watched this film again today, I found that there were several mistakes that he made , such as the shadows, which is the biggest problem, the directions were wrong sometimes and at one moment,I even found there was no shadows of the girl at all. There's a scene that the man watched the girl quietly,then he stuck his head out of the shade,his face was still totally black ,It's a obvious mistake he made. Then we talked about the story and the theme that the author wanted to express. Everyone had differnet opinions , someone said that the girl was alredy dead,and the man did this only for selfish , he just want to do anything to see the girl again which I disagree. Because at the end of the film , we can see the girl laying on a bed, and there are some EEG on the screens, and they are moving , and the other evidence that can improve the girl is still alive is that there is a little warnig lamp on her temple which is keep flashing Otherwise, I don't think that the man did this onlu for his own purpose, because at first  , the girl was very happy and touched everyting that she saw, so the girl must be in the bed for a long time that these things could made her so happy and moved,but at the end  ,the girl's expression turned to be disappointed, I think that because the girl could see , could feel  all of the things that the man created for her in her mind , and she could also realised that these scenes are fake, so she really enjoyed it , but when she realised that she must turned back to her realistic life ,she felt so sad ,and I think thats the poing why she will be a little bit sad at the end of the journey in her own mind.  So the man did this maybe want her to wake up ,and tried every scenes that the girl liked to wake her up.  So it's really a romantic story , well, personality. Another point is the thought of the whole story, It's kind of simple but you can understand what is he doing, and the thought of build the world as polygon and nurbs in maya is quirte intersting, full of imagnation.