Saturday, 8 June 2013

First shader test

The heart sculpting and mistakes

                               Heart reference image
                       My original heart sculpting
                              Sarah's correction

I collected many reference images online for the heart for Ikaros, the first picture's texture and patterns on it are really beautiful and attractive, but the problem is :i can see the structure of heart clearly.

After i finished the first edition of the heart sculpting, i asked my roommate Sarah for help whose major is medical art. She did the correction for the heart for me(the 3rd one).

As Jin's considering, it's definately very heart to make the heart looks real , and we dont want to ruin the whole quality by the organic parts. We are still working on it, and considering whether we should keep the close-up shot for the heart or not.

sculpting and displacement map test

                               Sculpting snapshots

                             Displacement map test

As u can see, the displacement didnt match perfect with the original mask low poly mesh. And the biggest problem is:our character has 7 different colours of his whole body which means we need to apply 7 different shaders for him. So the issue for the displacement map is:I need to seperate the model to 7 part with the same colour which is hard to make it,also, jack's already made the poses in every shots which means i need to apply the texture for the character shot by shot.

I am making and testing the bump map now, the effect is almost the same or even better than the displacement map i exported from Zbrush.