Saturday, 1 December 2012

Some researches in the character and the enviornment design in Ikaros

At first, wejust prefer to use the real face of human,we all thought it would be simple,but after the meetings with JIN, we found that we were doing something that really traditional and nothing new,we need to find something symbolize and let audience could find the theme when they saw the character.That maybe one of the point in our final film,we need to find it.

So I discussed with Isabel,we all agreed to put a mask on the character's face,that will reduce a lot of actions of the actor (maybe we don't need he or she finally).After some research, I found that gas mask maybe the most suitable mask for it ,Beacause our film is about some stuffs after war ,everything is destryed and polluted,the gas mask could express the pain that human beings suffered after wars.

The story happens in the future ,to express the ruthless feeling,I suppose to use the metal .
 This reference is a little bit similar like what i've thought, we need the reflections on the glasses on the eyes to express what he saw instead of the real eyeballs, and very dusty .
The pic that I paint before,also used the gas mask as a main element.

The matirial and the effects that we want ,really need to design it special.

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