Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A research in the environment design in Cyberpunk

The making of Cyberpunk is the good reference for my Ikaros project.The spaces and the structure of the buildings are standard.They use the cube stuff in the scene which includes a lot of corners and Metal steel frams to emphasise the emotion of the game-----Acruel world full of wars. We have some tests for Ikaros project of the environmental design which is shot from Dundee city, but we still need to redesign them to match the character and the theme of the story ,which makes us feel difficult.
Here is the second test for the redesign environment made by Jack, but the effect is not that we want, the reasons for this is:the space in this shot is so monotonous,

there's only single plane in the pic which makes people feel boring.But if we look back to the environment design in the Cyberpunk, we can find that: first of all, they used the different shape of buildings which have different height , secondly, the elements like the steel frames and some tanks out of the building are added in .All the elements in the scene are good planning。

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