Sunday, 25 November 2012

A primary research in mudbox

I took 3 hours to do some research in mudbox, it's quite new to me, so firstly,I found some introduction of mudbox. I want to know more about the sculpture module and the texture module with the reference pics .
The paint tool , mainly learned how to paint the contract on the surface of the model.That will be useful in the texture of the old boot .
Otherwise ,there are also some disadvantages of the paint tool, we couln't see some tiny details when we are painting, so we still need the seperated UV to solve it.
The painting with the reference pic, quite like this function,,we can use it to make some beautiful texture on it,like wood and iron.
 Finally  , the sculpture module.It's very convinience to built details ,but it's quite like Zbrush , but the amount of the brushes are seldom.For the shoe it's enough .

I tried once to import the model into the mudbox, but the x ray mood appeared again,really don't know how to solve it.So I built another model in the mudbox immediately in the mudbox to test it and used something I've just learned from the videos, that's better, but i have no time to detail it, just wait until the maya models are done.

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