Sunday, 25 November 2012


Finally finished the modeling ,I used 3 different ways to make the shoe, i used only extude in the first time  then I made it piece by piece for the second time ,at last i combined them together and made carefully to avoid some stupid mistakes.I smoothed the model then exported it to Zbrush to make some details on it.But there is a mistake that I could solve.
Just like the pic above, there was the display like X-ray , I tried many times to find the answer online ,but it didn't work.And if someone know about this  ,please tell me.

The texture test:used the photoshop to draw the map .find a lot of details need to improve in the texture , and also need some bump map.

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  1. Sorry I only saw this now - did you fix it?

    It looks like some of your normals don't conform. You can fix this by going back into Maya, then select the Polygons menu and go to Normals > Conform. Then re-import the model. Sometimes what can happen then is that the whole model will look X-rayed, in which case go back into Maya and click Normals > Reverse. Then re-import again.

    Hope that helps, if you need clarification come find me in the studio :)