Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Masks design and some thoughts of the story

3 different glasses style, I gave the middle one a big glassed so it could make a good reflection of the environment. A is the most fashionable one withe the future feeling, The"B" is the one I got inspiration from elephant without ears,and this is the only mask has pipe. The third one is the old fashion one , could remind people the WW2.

The suggestions from my teammembers are:
1.Our story is based on the after war world in the future, so the final design should based on the "A".
2. Pipe is the most difficult part in the nuke tracking, and it's also a problem in the animation part,so it's better give it up.
3. The respirator of "C" is the best one that we all agreed , so I gonna to combine A and C  to make the final one.

The point of our story is the upside down, We need to express this to audience clearly .We've also thought about the mask falling, it's really cool but it's not match our original purpose, we want to make people suprise with using the 180degree camera turning,but if it's just a mask, then it could floating in any way ,any direction.
We are now tring to figure out how can we not make the audience being bored without saying too much.I got a thought is that we can make the character still, but with other elements moving and floating around him, also, I was thinking to make him a mechanicalheart, let the beating of the heart instead of the moving of our character, so we will have a moving element in the movie that could make the film not that silence.

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