Sunday, 13 January 2013

Some thoughts about ‘Lighthouse keeper’

The subject matter of the movie is kind of like a fairy tale. It let me make it related to my "Rose &Dust" project which is a short fairy tale for all of the ages. The most impressive point of this film is the simple enviornment with no complicated properties and background, the theme and the story has been told very clear even without these stuffs. In my opinion, what makes the film so beautiful is the lights. The lights are very symbolize and in high contrast.Even though I used to think that the warm colors is the symbol of hope,but this film has subvert the view ,when the ship was almost crushed, the insect shined and bring the man hope with the cool color, but still make the audience feel that is suitable. What I can bring to my project from this film is that maybe we don't need the complex background and properties ,just use the high quality of the frames ,the gorgeous lights and expression of the atmosphere, that is enough. I did 3 enviornment designs  with different lights and atomosphere,But there's some problems with the server of the blogger that I couldn't upload them, I 've only did one piece of the scene without the background ,let's see what we gonna to develop in the next step.Keen for it!

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