Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Some drafts for 'Rose &Dust'

 The first try:I quite like the exaggerated form I designed with the big window and the small door because the girl could only see from inside but never go outside, so  I did the door as the shape of a lock hole, and the big window in the 2nd floor.
 The window design: Still the lock hole shape
 House design 2:I developed the window this time and put a balcony around the second floor
The typical Scottish cotrtage: I got the inspiration from the film 'Brave',which the house of the witch,Only has one floor and very simple house built with the rocks, I put a big chimney on the top of it and the lock hole shape door.But I orgot an important point in this pic:the window. I 'll develop it later , maybe put the window on the other side of the house or change the chimney to a beautiful window which was Isabel suggested, that's worth to try.

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