Monday, 5 August 2013

Concept art for Shot 006_ completed

From the matte painting handbook I learned that several high quality matte painting are based on the 3D basic elements.As we moved to the final modify stage, cooperation became the most important point in this period of time, we need the 3D buildings to be basic textured as soon as possible, and also, every team member has his or her own thought of each shot that we all decided to let Jack and Micheal do the placement of the 3D buildings and passed the clear layers of the front, middle ,back part of the scene to me to create the atomosphere and correct the colours.

This is the seperated layers of the shot006:


When I applied all of the layers together in photoshop, the scene is like this:
And also we need to add the liveaction things in it:

(the liveaction part 's colours 've already be modified )

As we can see , no one can tell where is the focus of this scene, the only thing we can tell is there are just amazing elements filled up the whole screen without a place could breath or point.

Our character is in the yellow area below:

but so far, obviously the main element and the "focus"is the huge round building in the middle, it covers most of the area in this shot ,unfortunately, this shot has been called the most tough shot in our object.That's why i began with this one.

To creat the atomosphere , i did some research and checked different artist's matte panitings to learn how to make space for people to breathe and how to create the space.which is the most valuable thing i learned from this shot.

The reference of this shot:

To create amazing atomosphere, we need to know:no matter how detailed , how amazing the original 3D elements are, we still can't use all of them, we need to choose which part should we keep and what we should throw away, if we not willing to delete or cover some unessecary things, we'll never going to make it.

The first step I did is deleted the huge round building layer in the middle.

and left enough space for the space creation and the character.
The considering of colours:
  1. Warm colours make the elements stand out ,and let people feel more nearer.
  2. Cold colour tone make the objects far away , has air feeling also weaken the objects sometimes.
  3. To emphasise the character, the warm colour tone around him should be better.
  4. The liveaction buidings are too flat in this shot which are not perfect, I will use cool colour tone to cover their details and push them away.
The considering of space:
  • The left corner is a little bit empty and flat after I deleted the middle layer, i rendered out a 3D bridge which is created by Michael .I don't want to cover the corner with solid buidings again, I chose the bridge because it 's made by steels and it's just a structrue which will still keep the space feeling of the secen after I added it.
The first draft for SH006:
 The Second version without the bridge:

Final version:

Final version with golden ratio test:

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