Saturday, 3 August 2013

Programme of study updates

From the first animatic , I found a big problem :All the elements just crowed and placed together with no space or contract in them, also ,the whole animatic movie we've just finished has no colour in it.

My progamme of study is :concept art for the environment ,which requires a lot of elements: compostion, the contrast of colours,space etc. We prepared all the materials ready to use, but without the design for them, they will never become an successful movie.
 So in the period of time from after the texture to the end of july,my mission is :
1.finish all of the conceptual design for every shot

2.keep the feeling of the film with colours

3.finish the high resolution matte paintings for shot001 ,002,008,011,009.

4.keep communicating with comp team to make sure my work is benefit for their final comp work.

5.keep on doing the reference and inspiration collecting .

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