Sunday, 4 August 2013

The first try of matte painting for shot009

SH0T009 is my first try  for the conceptual design and matte painting, it requires the style exploration, I need to decide which time is this movie going to be happen, what mood we want to express to our audience and also how to keep the fresh feeling in the entire movie to avoid people feel bored.The feeling we want to make in this short film is sad, away from the noisy city .

For making the city looks colorful and gorgeous, I decided to use different colours of lights.Our liveaction maerials were shot in the daylight, it's a challenge to make it into the nighttime in colour correction and also the feeling prodution,we want the character fly far away from the world which is not belonged to him, and also make the feeling that he is in the thousand inched sky ,it 's high, dangerous and also mysterious, so ,the feeling of depthe became the most significant one in our project.

I did a lot of research in the space making, for example :the film "Total recall", "upside down", the concept of the cities and the complex spaces gave me huge inspiration .

Here's the original cleaned plate of the shot009
it looks grey and lack of contrast,not much space in the plate, so what i need to do is take the full use of the right corner to make the space as obvious as possible.

This is the first version of the matte painting for this shot. I made a daylight version in this one, which looks nice but the elevator is not suitable for our entire movie,also the quality of the matte painting is not high enough for a realistic film, it still looks like an illustration.
At that time  , I stell didnt find  a right way for the realistic matte painting, which made me really confused and stressful, I dont want my stuff couldn't be used in our project.I searched amazon and found a really helpful book called"The digital matte painting handbook"which has amazing tutorials for the beginners.

This is the final version of matte painting and colour design for the shot009:
I changed the time to night and added some high contrast colours , made the lights for highlight some area to make it more layered.Fog and smoke also be used as one neccasary element which makes the scene mysterious.

At this stage,the main colours of this film have been decided as red and blue.

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