Monday, 5 August 2013

Shot007_completed and issues

This is one of the narrow sky shots I need to get it done. It's a challenge that to create the depth in such a narrow space, the most simple way we were thinking was just fill it with a sky matte painting, but we declined that because :first of all, all of our shots happening in the nighttime, although we can fill up with the night time sky, but there won't be enough details to support this scene.Secondly, if we use the sky, then the lights we are going to add on the walls will not be strong enough to effect the skys and give it uniform colours.The last thing is, sky is not a good enough element for the sci fi work.

Fortunately, I found a really good reference game called "Remember me", there'a scene that happens in the similar scene as we shot:

I took the reference of my lighting in the concept art:

These are the original 3D elements layer and plate:

For this scene, the feeling I want to catch is dangerous and mysterious, we would defocus the background to let people can't see what's over there exatcly,but still need a lot of details to keep the quality.

The final version completed:
I created the left and right sides' matte paintings to help lighting up the whole
scene.  and created the high contrast of the colours.
Red could be the represent of dangerous, so I added the long red light as the main light for it.

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