Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Final shot!

For the final shot, we were really feeling nervious and stressful, we all consume that our final shot could only be better than the other ones .For me, it's a really big scene, we combined almost all of the good 3D elements in it,and give it a fish lens shot in the last frame.

I was totally confused and didn't know what kind of colours could suit our last one, it's a big chalenge for me to make an entire nighttime city with so many different lights, I need to use as least 5 colours of lights but not mess them up.

I searched for some awesome art works of the whole city stuff:

1.From the first one, I learned how to use the light beams to lighting up the whole city.
2. for the second one, i learned how to create the space using huge amount of 3D elements and also I took the reference of the fog and cloud.
3.The third one influenced me of the small lights on the buidings .

To let the final shot's colours as colourful as the shots before .I took a snapshot from the pacific rim's trailer as my rough colour plate:

 The final shot completed:
For the compositon of this shot, I prefer to use the triangle one to  make the scene more stable.Also point at the character.

I used 4 lights to ponit at the character to emphasise him :
Make people find the focus clearly and quickly is also one of the main purpose of this scene, this shot will only take less than a second time in our final film, so what I need to do is make it as impressive as I can and also make several hints for people to find out. Although the final frame is showing people the whole city not the character, but make sure the character is still one of the main part of this shot is still important.

Main methods I used in This scene is warm colours for the center part , dark and cold colours for the corner and front element but still keep te details.

For the final comp stage, my contribution is supervised the comp team to finishe= this most complex scene to reach the result as similar as my concept.

This is the final comp,We built the 3D basic boxes shapes of the city and exported them into nuke, Lighted them in Nuke and also created many colour pieces to paste on the buildings , use the softlight layer and overlay layers to apply the colours.

I also made the grond texture for the final shot used the texture below (I made in photoshop) as well:

Here's the final comp of the final shot:

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