Monday, 5 August 2013


First early draft of shot004:
The problems I can see now after I tried alot of way to improve my environmental design are:
  1. There's no contrast among these colours, we can't really tell which part is infront and which is behind.
  2. Although the purpose i used different angles of the buidings is want to confuse people , but it also confused me, all the spaces are messed up in this scene.
  3. No focus.
For create the scifi feeling and destroyed city as well, I modelled several damaged pillars in MAYA to take place of the original ones.

The 3D pillars:

 With texture:

 The completed version:

Final version with the golden ratio test:
I used some fog to cover some unperfect part of the texture, and also make the balance of the buidings.

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