Monday, 5 August 2013

Shot008 _completed

Shot008 is a shot we shoot in an alley, this is the original plate cleaned below:
 We can only see a narrow sky in this scene, we want more scifi feeling. To get the result, I deleted the right part of the walls,Michael added some 3D scifi buidings in it. Here are the layers of the 3D elements:

This is the completed version of the pure 3D shot008:

 It already has the feeling of depth,but if we see through it, there are some perspective issues that coudn't be ignored.The most obvious one is the white elevator in the right side , I did some perspective lines to help us to find the problems.
The vanishing Point of  the elevator is totally different from the buidings' which will make the scene never looks right. And the Burj Dubai in the left bottom increased the burden of the whole scene again, it's unnecessary and destroyed the depth.

The matte painting version of shot008:

 As we can see , i corrected the perspective issues which appeared before, also added different lights to make the style uniformed,I gave a spot light in photoshop to highlight the depth also covered some details in the corners to emphasise the character.

I havn't modofied the colours a lot of the walls in the concept art stage, I guided the comp team modified the colours and added several warm lights out of the windows in the comp stage.

Here is the final comp result, the matte painting I created has been used directly in the final movie .

This shot is for the second part that people could recognise that the character is falling down, so or the depressive and sad feeling we discussed to make the scene darker and bluer.

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