Monday, 5 August 2013


Shot 002 is the one of the moving shots in our film which has a lot of camera movement and perspective,I need to create both sides of the scene and also notice that the size of the art is big enough and high resolution that the comp team could use immediately.

The colour reference I took from the two amazing art works below:

The first one is the represent of the warm colour work in the night time, the below one is in the cold tone ,I wanted to created the colours between warm and cold but doesn't messed up.

The orignal 3D elements layers:

The final left side:

The composition test:

Firstly, I earased the round building in the middle to leave a breath place for the character .I used the warm colour to make the buildings near the focus come front ,I did some matte painting lights for the nearer buildings with red and yellow. For pushing the other elements back forward and make the depth, i used the blue and cyan-blue and also reduced their transparency,to let people feel they are far away and coverd by some air and fog. The area of the brightest light is for the character to fly by.

The right side of shot002:

 i used some high resolution photo materials and painted over them to make the foggy atomosphere, I don't think make the both sides balance and fill up with the same buildings could be a good choice, so i chose to make this side more mysterious feeling, because our character is flying from the left to right, it's a good feeling that he fly into a world that we can barely see the details to make the audience feel curious and not to feel bored.

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