Friday, 2 August 2013

Left feet problem solved

There was a big problem poped up in the progress when i was doing the texture.We combined the feet and the main body's geometry together, but when we applied the shader to it, the left feet lost, we can't see any colour of it, it went totally black, but when I export then rendered image to nuke, it still have several information on the black part.
I tried several ways to solve it:apply lambert ;seperate the feet and the body; made a new geometry of the feet.But they didnt work properly,and it's very ugly when we rendered the character out.

I checked and scaled the renderded image from maya , found there are still bump info on it, only the colour is inorrect. Then  I checked the normal_reverse , it's finally worked!The problem is caused by uncorrect normals.
The final step of our fix problems' part is :I reversed every feet for each shot and make sure the animation is still working , then I applied the surface shader to all of the the other part of the character and rendered the feet out only since we dont have time to render the entire character out again.Michael comped all of the shoe part into the final comp at last.

The final correct render of the character:

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