Monday, 5 August 2013


Since we have two shots of the postoffice in Dundee need to be done, I began to do with shot005 after 006 is done.
Shot6 is a shot which has strong perspective angle,I found two ways to create the space for it.

The original plates for this shot:

The first version of shot005:
 I've got the inspirations below:
For this version ,I created a space with different angle, deleted most of the 3D elements and filled up with matte painting. But when I tried to comp in Nuke ,we found it's unable to use matte painting for the background, the camerais moving, even just a little bit, but still could cause the perspective problem.

The final version:

I used the same colour as the shot006 , and also made a small warm and shiny space in the middle of this scene for the character.

The final comp with character in it:

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